ZPI Product Clone Final






  • Scrape enetusa.com for product listings
  • Add the scraped information to the below listed sites
  • Change part numbers and use provided images to match appropriate site branding.







Client to provide product images, site watermarks and part numbers in a timely manner to achieve timetable for deployment, currently estimated at 2 weeks.

Cost of scraping, part number changes and image updating = £1600

This price and timetable is based on the following conditions being met.

  1. Admin level access to the sites where this data will be added.
  2. The current hosting has sufficient drive space within the current hosting plan to store all of the additional images.
  3. That the sites software is current enough to allow adequate data safety.
  4. Delivery of images and part number information at the beginning of this project.

Initial deployment will be done on a separate hosting space to allow iteration and approval prior to deploying on the live sites. This work is included in this quote.






The timetable for rollout and training are based on best estimates available at this time. Once admin access is granted to all site we can confirm these estimates.  The same applies to the prices quoted. Any technical details that we are not aware of because of limited access are only rough process and may need to be adjust once we have more information,







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