Stylize, Accessorize, & Personalize with Polka Dot Ideas!   
Polka Dot Ideas was launched in 2009 by two friends who love to create.  Inspired by beautiful papers and colorful fabrics, we design, craft, and sell monogram wall art, banners, pillows, lamp shade slipcovers, Tooth Fairy pillows, memory boards, fun dress-up tutus, and other gift and seasonal home decor items.  Custom window treatments and bedding are also available. 


In 2012, Polka Dot Ideas moved to North Carolina with Linda and her family. There was a bit of restructuring for the both the business and the family. After eighteen years of maternity leave (ha!), Linda returned to working full-time for a medical billing service and finds very little time to be creative.

In 2013, Linda participated in only one show in the Raleigh-Durham area but the appeal of presenting Polka Dot Ideas still tugs at her heart strings.  Maybe some day, she will find the time and just the right show to get started again.

Many thanks to those who supported Polka Dot Ideas over the years! I hope to meet you again someday.

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